“Warm Bodies,” based on the book by Isaac Marion, is a movie that does something that hasn’t really been done before: it’s told from the perspective of a zombie. This movie draws from multiple genres, drama, romance, comedy, and horror, and rolls them all into one.

While searching for a meal, R (Nicholas Hoult) sees Julie (Teresa Palmer), a young member of her father’s scouting militia. Upon seeing her R decides to save her while his friends get shot by the militia by smearing blood on her face in order to hide her. Experiencing love at first sight, R begins to change, finding his humanity and making a connection with Julie.

Warm BodiesIf not paying attention it would be hard to miss the “Romeo and Juliet” references that are nicely put into the movie. The movie takes the classical story and makes it interesting and funny enough that it doesn’t become boring to watch. The voice-over provided by R throughout the film is also extremely effective, especially since zombies aren’t a talkative lot. The audience can connect with him and understand the basis of his actions.

Hoult does amazing acting throughout the movie. Often hunched over or hobbling trying to keep up with Julie, he maintains a stiffness and awkwardness that really brings R alive. There are scenes where rarely blinks that add to the entire zombie persona.

The love that R and Julie develop begins to affect the other zombies, bringing them back to life. This part of the movie was the only instance where it felt rushed and reminded the audience that the movie was only 97 minutes.

“Warm Bodies” delivers the “Romeo and Juliet” story the best it can without turning into a sappy “Twilight” movie. It’s quirky, funny, and a cute love story that is perfect for a Valentine’s Day date.

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