Dead_Space_3Dead Space 3 retains the series’ reputation for being an unpredictable horror game, but loses the allure its predecessors developed with their unique storylines.

The game opens with a scruffy and depressed Isaac Clarke. He’s lost his girlfriend, he’s still haunted by his nightmares, and he’s behind on rent. It’s understandable that he is unwilling to help when soldiers break down his door. They believe that there is a way to finally destroy all of the Markers, and only Issac can help do it.

This storyline reminded me of Assassin’s Creed 3 in that it uses what refers to as the “all story,” where the protagonist is the only one who can accomplish something that will prevent the destruction of a world, race, etc. It also contains a higher-up force that controls the situation and has been used in games like Assassin’s Creed and Halo 4.

One cool aspect of the game is that it’s the first in the series to have the ability to play co-op. Most major story scenes remain the same, awkwardly placing the other playable character, Carver, in them. There is a specific co-op storyline, however, that focuses on Carver and his past. While playing co-op each player sees something different. During one quest the person playing Carver heard a little boy crying out for his father, while Isaac heard silence. However, only the side-stories change when played from different points of view. The main story isn’t any different from either character’s perspective.

There is another addition to this game, gun crafting. You have the ability to personalize and build a gun that is suited to how you play the game. For example, I love the plasma cutter, it’s always been a personal favorite. When I went into the crafting menu I managed to create a giant plasma cutter that had a secondary weapon, the shotgun. Circuits are used to level up reload, damage, clip size, and can be accumulated as you play.

There are various modes of the game as well. After beating the game, modes like Survival and Classic offer new challenges for addition game play. Survival mode is where no ammo or health is dropped, it can only be obtained by crafting it. Classic mode is where there is no crafting and only the original weapons can be used. It’s a mode that’s similar to the original Dead Space gameplay. For those who really want a challenge, Hardcore mode deletes your save file upon your death, forcing you to start from the beginning.

Save for the typical hero storyline, the game has beautiful graphics, great gameplay, and multiple difficulties that test your inventory management skills and patience. Dead Space 3 is fulfilling and has a personalization aspect that can vary each player’s experience. It’s a beautiful game with a typical story. Be careful, though, those necromorphs can be assholes.

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