A poster bearing the midsection of a slender woman surrounded by pictures of some of the film’s stars doesn’t say much of what’s to come in the hour and a half-ish of Movie 43.

Not-so spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with a woman in a bikini.

Movie 43 can hardly be considered an actual, traditional film. Comprised of numerous mini-movies that go on for around 10 minutes each, the plot centers around Charlie (Dennis Quaid) and his extremely desperate attempts to make some much-needed money by pitching the most ridiculous and just plain weird storylines to a Hollywood director.

Honestly, the real reason anyone even saw this movie was because it advertised the countless number of celebrities in it. Emma Stone; Halle Berry; Hugh Jackman; J. B. Smoove; Jason Sudeikis…even rapper Common’s got a part. The combination of all this star power couldn’t possibly result in anything less than a truly amazing spectacle for your eyes, right? Wrong.

Jumping from bizarre movie pitches, to Quaid’s character becoming more sweaty and desperate for acceptance, and back to pitches can leave you confused. While some of Charlie’s weird-ass movie ideas are hilarious, many are only laughable to the point of pure stupidity, and wondering why you paid $12.50 to see them.

Movie 43 is one of those films where it’s ok to use the bathroom during it; you won’t miss anything worth watching. Although some scenes are completely over-the-top, and you’ll burst out laughing, most will leave you scratching your head.

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