It’s that time of year again – family, friends, and copious amounts of food. Instead of adding inches to your waist why not add some inches to those biceps? Here’s how to keep those meals clean over the holidays and put on some muscle instead of fat.

– Fill your plate with meats – just make sure to avoid the sugary sauces.
– Time workouts to before the big meals – home for Christmas Dinner? Go do some hill sprints down the road before you gorge. Timing workouts before meals helps nutrient partitioning and your metabolic response. That means less fat and more muscle.
– Choose smart carb sources – rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes instead of sweet, sugary snacks that are high in fructose and can contribute to preferential fat gain.
– Most importantly, STAY ACTIVE! – Just because it’s the holiday season does not mean it’s time to rest. Keep the workouts hard and lift heavy and your will pack on some serious, quality, mass.

This all boils down to keeping it smart – don’t binge, don’t stress, work hard and you’ll do fine. Just prepare yourself for the New Years Resolutionists.


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