[featured-img]Press On[/featured-img] You have to set some goals and master the basics before jumping out there and throwing a few hundred pounds on the bar, trying to run a marathon, or signing your life and savings away to join a crossfit gym.

Goal Setting

Where do you see yourself in the next 1-3 months? Are you looking to lose fat? Gain muscle? Get stronger? Get faster? Some combination of it all? Sit down and write out a few short term goals.

Physical fitness is not a short-term fad diet or 90 day workout. It’s a lifelong commitment to a better, healthier life. Commit yourself to your new lifestyle and smile.

And now for the hard part: look at your schedule and find the times that you can devote to working out. This could mean anything from just three 30-minute sessions a week to double sessions a few days a week. Plan accordingly and balance the rest of your commitments with your new fitness goals. Don’t neglect your studies, your friends and family, or your job. Stressing is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, neither is flunking out of school and losing a friend. A balanced life is a healthy life.


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