Chasing Mavericks – Finally, the Mega Man X movie we’ve been waiting for. This movie has a perfect balance of character development and action. I personally have become quite tired of series reboots but this one is fantastic. X is a robot who has been given the ability of free will and must decide whether he will save those who damn him or chase mavericks.

Cloud Atlas – This is a movie adaptation of a long forgotten Greek myth about the boy, Fedrogos, and the trickster god, Calmus. The boy finds himself lost in a field one day and looks to the sky for help. The clouds form an atlas and he begins to follow its directions. He crosses great distances and treacherous paths until he inadvertently unleashes Calmus from his prison. This is a great fantasy movie that is sure to win many awards.

The Flat – A sequel to the 2004 film, Crash, that shows how the lives of two people change forever when one of them gets a flat tire on his car. Harry stops to help Peter with his flat tire and then they both go their separate ways. Stopping to help Peter made Harry late for work and he was immediately fired. Peter walked into the supermarket to find that he was the store’s 1000th customer and won free groceries for a month. When Harry got home from work after being fired and forced home, men kidnapped him with knives and bound his ankles and wrists together. Peter brought his dog for a walk through the park and a beautiful woman gave him her phone number. Harry woke up in a cage of starved rats gnawing at his flesh. I don’t want to ruin the rest of the movie for you but the wacky hijinks continue with nonstop laughter and that good warm feeling you get when you drink hot tea.

Fun Size – A documentary of the fun-sized chocolates that people give to others. Perhaps I am a bit biased and old but I couldn’t understand how the size of something makes it fun. Then again, big slides are pretty fun, but on the other hand, small slides are not fun. These chocolates are very small. Maybe kids these days find eating tiny rations of chocolate fun, but not me. I thought this was America, not China. THANKS LIBERAL MEDIA!

Paranormal Activity 4 – In this installment, the ghosts practice the sport of golf. The loveable ghosts get stuck in the sand trap, however as this sequel fails to live up to the standard set by its predecessor in which the American ghosts defeat the Soviet ghosts at the 1980 Winter Ghoulympics. They barely even play golf in the entire movie and instead focus mostly on their growing romantic tension and their fantasy golf league. I would only recommend this movie to diehard fans of the series and not for anyone looking for their annual sports triumph movie.

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