A UFC fighter is in the ring. He’s beaten, bruised, and demoralized. He asks, “Why did I get myself into this situation? I’m not a fighter, I’m a teacher. I shouldn’t be in this situation.” Despite these odds, the man channels his inner Rocky Balboa and validates the inconceivable risk he took.

Columbia Pictures’ Here Comes the Boom is the latest comedy featuring Stony Brook native Kevin James in a starring role. James plays David Voss, a high school biology teacher who has become complacent with both his life and his career. However, a troubling situation involving Marty, the school’s respected music teacher (Henry Winkler) re-energies Voss. With the help of friends from various backgrounds, he literally fights to support Marty.

The movie is well paced and funny, essentially non-stop action from start to finish. Humor is inserted throughout the film in the forms of both oral and physical jokes. Some of it is startling; some of it is cringe worthy. Nonetheless, you’ll be hard-pressed not to laugh at least a little.

The plot itself is engaging enough, but somewhat predictably far-fetched. There are also mixed messages in the plot. At times, it was not entirely clear if the movie was a pure comedy or a cultural critique. Several scenes involving school politics lead to an uncertainty about the film’s goals.

Though these factors somewhat hinder the film, the laughs and the overall message—fighting for what you believe in—will have you cheering for Voss to win the fight of his life.

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