Those who enjoyed eating in Roth Food Court will soon be exposed to an atmospheric change — Roth Regatta Café featuring Red Mango is set to open for business during the Spring 2013 semester, according to a fact sheet provided by Media Relations Manager James Montalto.

The Faculty Student Association Board of Directors has approved the Campus Dining Resolutions Committee’s 2012-2013 meal plan proposal, which included plans to turn the side dining room, next to Wendy’s, into a new café. Red Mango will be the featured brand.

“Over the last two years, student feedback received through the Faculty Student Association (FSA) and Campus Dining Services has told us that students wanted a yogurt/smoothie concept added to Roth and the brand they preferred was Red Mango,” the FAQ says.

The facility, which will accept both meal plan and Wolfie Wallet, will offer three yogurt machines — six flavors — and the option for three swirl mixes. There will also be toppings and a line of smoothies.

Undergraduate Student Government President Anna Lubitz said the new café will bring “a different flavor” to campus.

“I think it’ll enhance student life, and I think it’s different,” Lubitz said in a phone interview. “I think Red Mango’s a good choice, rather than just having another general, you know, what you would see in the SAC [Student Activities Center].”

Joshua Kantharia, a junior studying pharmacology at Stony Brook, said the development will be “a great addition” to Roth after the loss of California Pizza Kitchen and the addition of S3 Fusion at the start of the Fall 2012 semester.

“I think that having the Red Mango makes Roth more desirable as a place to get ‘non-campus’ food while being on campus, which is a good thing,” said Kantharia, who lives on campus. “That’s why Wendy’s and CPK were so popular.”

The decision to bring Red Mango to campus was made by the Meal Plan Resolutions Committee — a group made up of several students, staff from the food service provider, Faculty Student Association staff and members of administration.

The committee is also responsible for reviewing proposed pricing, thereby influencing and determining the selling price of each product.

An official opening date has not yet been set, and attempts to reach Campus Dining were unsuccessful.


Arielle is a News Editor at the Stony Brook Press. She enjoys tea.

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