The Press reached out to all candidates running for USG officer positions this spring via the emails made available by the USG Elections Board. The ensuing compilation of responses are of those candidates who responded. The Press had not edited or altered any of the responses. It should also be noted that The Press is a USG funded organization that received $34,700 for the 2011-2012 academic year.




Questions for candidates:

1. Out of all the 16,000 students on campus, what makes you the most deserving student to influence the more $3.1 million budget funded by our student activity fee?

2. What experience do you bring to the position you are running for? Why are you qualified?

3. Is this your first time getting involved in USG? If so, why are you interested in getting involved? If not, why do you wish to be involved again?

4. What do you think is the best thing about USG and if elected, how do you plan to continue that?

5. On a scale of 9-10* (10 being the highest) how successful were the past two semesters for USG?

6. What are USG’s biggest flaws, and how do you plan to correct those? For those currently in USG, what have you done to try to correct those flaws?

7. Do you think it’s right for USG to give SAB the same budget next year despite a surplus of over 100,000 for this year?

8. Do you think that putting on successful campus events should be prioritized over increasing clubs’ budgets?

9. Representing the student body sometimes means taking a firm stance against administration policies. How willing are you to speak up on behalf of the student body, even when it means conflicting with administrators?

*Please note we intentionally asked for a scale of 9-10.

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For USG President:











Adil Hussain












Anna Lubitz


For Executive Vice President:









Jason Sockin


For Treasurer:











Allen Abraham


For Vice President of Student Life:











Nicholas Ela











Tyrik Jiang


For Vice President of Communications:

Sophia Marsh


Vice President of Academic Affairs:

Zachary Guarnero


List of candidates who did not respond to survey:

President: Juan Pablo Cordon

Vice President: Aimee Pomeroy, Kia Valkonen

Treasurer: Cyril Kattuppallil

Vice President of Student Life: Patrick John Abelein

Vice President of Clubs and Organizations: Amanda Cohen

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Derek Cope





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