The words “knitting” and “college student” do not often appear in the same sentence. Then again, neither do the words “charity” and “college student.” But all three of these come together in the form of a new club at Stony Brook called We Give a Yarn.

The group has only had two meetings so far. Interested students have come together to knit and crochet. Some are working on their own projects, and others use the abundant donated yarn to make charitable items.

“I think it’s pretty cool to be able to make something practical, while at the same time being creative about it,” club member Jon Hunt said.

Hunt has attended both of the meetings and has started learning basic crochet techniques from co-founders Emma Chylinski and Tatiana Pawelec, who welcome both experienced knitters and novices to the group.

“It was very frustrating at first, but it has gotten easier,” Hunt said. “I’m hoping to actually make something soon.” is a knitting forum that Chylinski spends a lot of time on. She said she posted the idea for her club there and received an enthusiastic response. That response has resulted in Chylinski’s closet being stuffed full of donated yarn.

One local woman donated a particularly large amount of yarn, asking that the group use it to make hats for her church, which will then donate them to cancer patients.

Chylinski said they are using squares made while teaching new members, as well as random squares from other knitters and crocheters, to make baby blankets to donate to the hospital. Other than that, Chylinski says the group is “open to suggestions” for other places to donate.

Currently, the group is meeting in the basement of Sanger College in Tabler Quad with the blessing of Residence Hall Director Michael Blackman. “As long as we don’t have more than like 20 people or break anything,” Chylinksi said, the club should be allowed to stay.

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