This past week, husband and wife duo Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, of Tennis, have released two new singles — both covers. I have a soft spot for covers; a new artist puts their own take on a classic track — what could be better? Tennis’ take on The Zombies’ classic crooning “Tell Her No,” a song about infidelity and insecurity, adds tempting female vocals, throws in a dash of vocal reverb and brightens up the guitars. They manage to reinvent and refresh the song without alienating fans of the original.

Tell Her No by tennisinc

Tennis takes on another track with the same theme: Brenda Lee’s rockabilly-pop hit “Is It True?.” The uptempo feel and Alaina’s high notes stand out, along with the take on the classic rock and roll guitar sound. Both tracks make it even clearer where their roots lie: in the 50s/60s rockabilly and surf pop scenes. Many recent bands have been crediting these musical movements as influences, and Tennis is a sure frontrunner in the resurgence of said sound.

Is It True? by tennisinc

Both downloads are available for free on Tennis’ Facebook page.


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