The Stony Brook Press and Think Magazine are delighted to announce that we are coming together to form Stony Brook University’s leading media organization. The new Stony Brook Press will combine the Press’s biweekly magazine with Think’s daily web site to create the most comprehensive media offering on campus. Our combined resources will allow us the flexibility to offer a broader range of content than ever before.

For 32 years, The Stony Brook Press has been a recognized leader in campus media at Stony Brook, fulfilling its mission of “informing the campus community, promoting progress, and inciting debate” while producing alumni that have won awards including the Pulitzer Prize. And in only three years, Think Magazine has built the campus’s most-visited media web site, updated every day with the latest news, culture and opinion, as well as producing an award-winning print magazine. Think has fostered a close relationship with The Huffington Post and media organizations including The New York Times and the BBC have used its reporting. The excellence of both publications together with the Press’s particular strength in print and Think’s on the web are highly complementary. By combining these strengths and building on them, together we will be able to create something even better than either of us could have alone.

During the course of this semester, the editors of both publications will be working together to gradually integrate them into a unified whole that not only preserves the best attributes of each, but also gives us the opportunity to take full advantage of our new, larger size to pursue goals that only larger publications can. Both the Press and Think have always embraced continuous improvement, and we intend for the new Press to continue that tradition to become the best print and web publication Stony Brook has ever seen.

For now, the Stony Brook Press and Think Magazine will remain officially separate organizations with our own editorial boards. The Press will continue to focus on its print magazine, while Think will focus on the web site. In the near future, new content will stop being added to the Think web site,, which will be archived; instead, all new content will go to, the Press’s web site. Shortly thereafter, Think’s content will be transferred to the Press’s web site and the domain will forward to Select content by Think’s editors and staff will begin appearing in print issues of the Press, while the Press’s editors and staff will begin creating content for the web site as well as for the magazine. Behind the scenes, the administrative aspects of both organizations will be integrated. By the beginning of the Spring 2012 semester, we intend for Think Magazine to be fully integrated into a new and improved Stony Brook Press, with a single editorial board leading a unified print and web publication that we hope will quickly become Stony Brook’s preeminent media organization.

To everyone who has supported The Stony Brook Press and Think Magazine over the years, thank you. We hope you are as excited about this new opportunity as we are, and we look forward to introducing all of you to a new Stony Brook Press, incorporating Think Magazine, that will be better than ever before.

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