By Carol Moran 

On September 9 at 9 p.m. USG has scheduled an event of a different sort on the Staller Steps: an outside concert that is free for all Stony Brook students. The White Panda, a DJ mashup duo based out of Chicago, will be performing and up to 1500 students at a time will be allowed onto the barricaded steps to hear them perform, according to USG Treasurer Thomas Kirnbauer.

An artist's rendition of The White Panda performing on the Staller steps.

Keeping the budget under $50,000 was a major concern for USG President Mark Maloof, Kirnbauer said, as it’s too early to tap into the fall budget that will be allocated to events later in the semester, and it’s also too early to ask students to take out their wallets. Rather than a big name, USG aimed to find an inexpensive artist with energy enough to put on a fun show, both USG members agreed.

A big name comes with a big ego and a big attitude, Maloof said, and this artist will appeal to a wide variety of students without a heavy bill and a lot of problems that higher profile artists bring.

There will be one entrance and one exit with security counting how many students come and go so that the 1500 student maximum won’t be surpassed, but Maloof says the benefit of an outdoor concert is that students can enjoy the music even outside of the fenced off area.

The event, scheduled to end at 11 p.m., will only be open to students with Stony Brook ids, as “they are the ones who pay the bill,” Maloof said. Bags will not be allowed inside the barricaded area. The rain location is SAC Ballroom A.

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