By Alyssa Melillo


Undergraduate Student Government elections are over, and the votes are in on USG’s website.

Mark Maloof for the United Students Party took the position of USG President with approximately 1,100 votes. His opponent, Moiz Khan of the Student Polity Party, received approximately 760 votes.

“I wish the best of luck to Mark Maloof,” Khan stated in a Facebook message. “At the end of the day, students get the government they deserve. I have no plans for involvement in student government beyond an extremely minimal role.” Maloof could not be reached for comment.

Deborah Machalow of the United Students Party, who ran unopposed, is now Executive Vice President.

“I’m incredibly flattered, not just for myself, but for my party, by the results of the election,” she stated in a Facebook message. “The undergraduates at Stony Brook turned out in resounding numbers and supported our vision of change and our goals for the USG.”

Thomas Kirnbauer ran unopposed for Treasurer. He could not be reached for comment.

Farjad Fazli took the title of Vice President of Communications and Public Relations, Deron Hill the title of VP of Student Life and Allen Abraham the title of VP of Clubs and Organizations.

Emilisa Trotman ran unopposed for Senior Class Representative. Dennis Nmecha took the title of Junior Class Representative and Christopher Priore the title of Sophomore Class Representative.

As for the future of the new USG, Machalow stated in the Facebook message that some goals of the organization are to decrease “the amount of confrontation” and improve “the customer service aspect of the organization.”

“I think if you look at the USG closely a lot of the functioning and internal mechanisms are shaped by personality, and we’re hoping to use that to our advantage to improve the organization for the students,” she stated.

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