By Alyssa Melillo 

The arrival of April, the approaching end of the semester and warmer weather can only mean one thing–it’s almost time for the Undergraduate Student Government elections.

According to USG’s website, 100 students have signed up to run for a position this year. Karen La Grega, chair of USG’s election committee, said this number is a significant increase from previous years and will most likely have a big impact on election results.

“[The number of potential candidates] will absolutely affect the results as there will be a lot of competition, and hopefully some good people will get elected,” she said in an email. “It also means that a lot of people want to get involved on campus and make a difference for students here.”

La Grega said it is too early to tell which parties students are representing, as the Party Coalition deadline is not until April 6. “But if there are several parties running, this is an opportunity for students to get out there and support a party that they believe in,” she said.

The first round of the election period begins on April 11 at noon. Although the voting process, which takes place through SOLAR, remains the same this year, La Grega said that as the chair, one thing she plans on changing is her communication with the candidates.

“The elections process is tricky and one can easily be disqualified for missing a simple deadline or misreading the laws,” she said. “I want all the candidates to know that I am here to help them make it to the polling process as easily as possible. I’m also trying to enforce the law and keep things simple and clear.”

Students who wish to run for a position are currently petitioning. Starting April 4, those who become valid candidates will campaign up until voting begins, and they will also participate in a debate that will take place on Wednesday, April 6, during Campus Lifetime. The results for the first elections will be posted on April 15, then runoff elections will follow on April 25, with results posted April 29.

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