After a week of deliberation, the Undergraduate Student Government Supreme Court has ruled against SBU-TV in their suit alleging that USG violated its own constitution in closing the daily operations of SBU-TV. From the court decision:

It is the upmost opinion of the Supreme Court that the Undergraduate Student Government’s 2011 Reformation of Stony Brook University Television violates no tenets of the Constitution in its passage or its substance, and thereby fully authorizes the transfer and reformation of SBU-TV to the USG Office of Communications.

This court unanimously finds that the 2011 Reformation of Stony Brook University Television was enacted within the bounds of the constitution. A motion for repeal requested by petitioner SBU-TV Executive Board is hereby denied.

Last Friday, members of the executive board of SBU-TV aired grievances before the court and outlined a dozen points they felt showed that USG acted in violation of existing USG law.

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