Governor elect Andrew Cuomo will be calling on Stony Brook President Sam Stanley to be a part of his transition team.

Stanley has been a strong advocate of PHEEIA, a law that would allow public universities to set their tuition independently of other state schools. He has indicated that that he would slowly raise Stony Brook’s tuition to a much higher rate in order to make up for the lack of state funding.

Cuomo has stated that he wants to spend less while raising student performance. He also supports PHEEIA.

According to a Stony Brook University press release, the president will answer Cuomo’s call for help. “I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the Governor elect’s transition team. I look forward to contributing all I can to this important effort.” He said. Stanley would advise Cuomo on both Education and Health.

Student advocacy group NYPIRG has organized a post card to be sent to the governor elect that argues against PHEEIA. The poster-board sized letter signed almost 100 students explained that students can’t afford more tuition hikes.

Stanley’s selection as a member of the transition team doesn’t bode well for their cause, but it certainly won’t stop them from trying to change Cuomo’s mind.

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