Disney released the trailer for their latest Pixar project, Cars 2, on Monday. In the two days since its release, almost half a million fans have checked out the trailer on youtube.

Cars, Disney-Pixar’s 2006 effort, was the least acclaimed of all of the team’s films. It told the story of a race car trapped in a small highway town as he learned that there was more to life than winning and fame.

The trailer shows that Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), will be accompanied by his friend Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) on a world racing tour while attempting to save the world from an evil villain. There will be torpedoes, machine guns, and spies in the sequel to movie that featured none of this.

Um… really? This plot looks more Incredibles than Cars.

Actually, if it weren’t Pixar, I’d be laughing hysterically. If Sir Michael Caine wasn’t in it, I’d think even less of it. Since it is Pixar, and since it is him, I’ll wait for the critics to give me the green light. Unlike their last few films though, I won’t be there to see it until after the first night- if I ever do go.

Check it out here:

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