George Bush forgave Kanye West this week, ending a long running feud between the two. West, whose comment that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” marked a low point in Bush’s otherwise flawless presidency, apologized to Bush on the Today Show.

In front of a national audience, West stated that he regrets grabbing the microphone from Bush during the 2006 State of the Union Address.  That night, he infamously told Bush that while his union was strong, the one between his friends Jay-Z and Beyonce was even more powerful.

Bush, who was not about to be “out-strategerized” by one of the few people that more people refer to as an asshole than him, went on the Today Show to continue his conversation with West. Rather than having a one on one with the rapper, Bush spoke to host Matt Lauer in an airplane thousands of feet above West’s home.

“I’m not a hater” Bush explained to Lauer. He had been asked if his faith allows him to forgive West. Apparently the former president understands that some people say stupid things when theres a camera pointed at them, because he was willing to put it all behind him. The two now have plans to attend this year’s Grammys together in their reserved seats all the way in the back of the room.

President Obama, who was watching the argument closely, has announced plans to put Matt Lauer in a room with leaders in the middle east. NBC rejected the proposal, saying that their anchors shouldn’t be donating their time to a Democrat.

I’m glad that George and Kanye are friends again. Its nice to see that two stubborn, highly opinionated people can make peace. Great mission, men and women. Great Mission.

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