Glenn Beck GSEU
Fox News host Glenn Beck rails against college education, and sites Stony Brook's GSEU as an example of indoctrination.

The Graduate Student Employees Union at Stony Brook University earned a badge of honor last week, courtesy of Glenn Beck.

On his nightly show, Beck devoted his 5pm hour to exploring the evils of a college education, using a new study that shows that colleges are in fact liberal breeding grounds as evidence that students are being “brainwashed.”

Here’s the offending piece of video. Scroll to just about the 4:00 mark and keep your eyes on the screen behind Beck.

Awesome, no?

Beck’s attempted demonization of the organizations involved with the March 4 Day of Action was part of a broader theme, a special entitled “Indoctrination of our Kids, An American Epidemic.” In addition to calling out university student groups, he resurrected two videos of elementary school classes singing about President Obama; a video from the campaign where a college-aged student (Beck estimated her age to be “no more than 14.”

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