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Mitchell Hundred was once your average New Yorker. A civil engineer and DC comics reader, he was raised by a single mother and has always had questionable sexual preferences. Hundred decided to run for mayor in 2001 as a fringe candidate against the more established candidates.

Mitchell Hundred is not your average New Yorker. A civil engineer and DC comics reader, he responded to a call one night on the Brooklyn Bridge that blew up in his face and permanently scared him. This explosion gave him the ability to talk to and command mechanical devices. Like anyone who grew up on comic books, he decided to become a superhero and use his newfound powers for good. He became the Great Machine, a non-lethal crime fighter who can simply command guns to not fire or radio systems to shut down with his voice.

Mitchell Hundred also commanded one of the two planes headed for the World Trade Center to land. Thanks to this, he went from being a minor candidate to living in Gracie Mansion.

Mitchell Hundred is the central subject of former Lost writer Brian K. Vaughan’s Wildstorm series Ex Machina, which has entered its final arc as its final issue (#50) approaches. The series began in 2004 as a way for Vaughan to express his frustration with politics. Ex Machnia places Hundred at the helm of New York City, placing him up against real life issues the gay marriage debate, legalization of marijuana, terrorist attacks, Papal audiences, and the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Ex Machina

The final arc, Pro-Life, rings in 2005, a year that Mayor Hundred should be running for reelection, but isn’t. Hundred has other things to worry about, like the possible return of his old archenemy and the rising of a new, unseen enemy that was only a hindrance before an accident gave the new villain powers.

There are 5 issues remaining in Ex Machina. The bound trades, the eighth of which is coming out on December 9, collect issues 1 through 39. If you’re a New Yorker, a politics fan, or someone who enjoys comics that aren’t heavy on the superpowers, go pick up whatever you can of this great series.


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