President Kenny has always a very ambitious president. Included in her list of accomplishments are the expansion of Stony Brook to include a Manhattan campus and the brutal (kind of) acquisition of Southampton College. Her imperialism is never quite sated, however, and last year she made yet another attempt. This time with Touro Law School in Central Islip. As a part of the capital budget, which is a separate budget for new construction and expansion, this acquisition attempt was just one of several bizarre projects seen last year (another was determining the feasibility of building a monorail on campus). However, before any of this was even officially announced, Shirley declared the deal “dead.” Touro was not for sale, even to someone of President Kenny’s gravitas. The whole thing really blew up in her face with extensive coverage in all the local Long Island media outlets.

This year, with the grave budget crisis threatening the basic operations of the school, Shirley has had to put her ambitions on hold. She must focus her now limited capital budget to one capital project. So, as she is wont to declare, she will focus on what is most important: our school’s academics. And she’ll do this by building a new recreational center

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