By Andrew Jacob

Ever since the Charles B. Wang Center was officially opened in 2002, many have anticipated the opening of the gift shop across from the popular Asian restaurant, Jasmine. Well, finally, on April 1, 2008, the Wang Center’s gift shop was opened. At first, it seemed like an elaborate April Fool’s joke played by the ol’ rascals in Administration. However, upon further investigation, the opening was found not to be a hoax. After six long years, the long-empty gift shop has finally opened.

The store is similar to other gift stores throughout campus in the fact that it sells a myriad of Seawolves and Stony Brook-themed apparel. From t-shirts and boxer shorts, to ties and handbags, the Wang Center gift shop has it all. (Disappointingly however, there is no “Wang Center” specific merchandise.) In addition to clothing, the gift shop carries a small selection of jewelry including necklaces and hand-made wampum. Still, some students believe that the gift shop doesn’t offer anything extraordinary. “I think they could offer a wider selection of things. There isn’t really anything good in there,” said freshman Jessie Stanzione. FSA Director of Marketing and Communications Angela Agnello was unable to comment on the future plans for the gift shop.

Student opinions on the gift shop are varied. “I think it’s pointless. There are a lot of things that the school needs before they open another location for us to buy Stony Brook t-shirts,” voiced junior Matt Finelli. Junior Joe Pietrafesa had a different opinion, claiming that the gift shop “is a great addition to an already great facility.”

The Wang Center gift shop is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 6pm and is located on the second floor of the Charles B. Wang Center.

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