women’s health


Ohio Governor John Kasich is the first presidential candidate to visit Long Island ahead of the New York Republican primary on April 19. He made two appearances, one at Hofstra University and another in Huntington. Kasich answered numerous questions ranging from women’s health to higher education and gun control. He also responded to a comment about his lack of coverage by media outlets. “How can you claim to be a candidate for women and families when you defunded Planned Parenthood in Ohio, your home state,” asked a Hofstra student attending the event. “I think the organization has discredited itself,” Kasich said in response, “We’re not going to reduce funding for women’s health, there’s no way we’re going to do that. We’re going to have other entities like hospitals where people can go and get what they want.” Kasich continued by citing his increase in Ohio’s Medicaid program, which he states…