Surveillance cameras within Stony Brook University Hospital have just captured a bewildering phenomenon involving University President Samuel L. Stanley early this morning. According to the footage recorded at 2:38 a.m., Stanley was shown downing vials of blood — donated from a campus blood drive last week. After consuming sixteen containers, he then proceeded to transform into a bat and flew out of a second story window, screaming “long live the Count!” An anonymous student released the footage on YouTube and within several hours the video has racked a whopping 3.6 million views. While the comment section for the post has been disabled, social media is ablaze with the news of Stanley’s supernatural activity. “Vampire President Stanley” is one of the hottest topics on Facebook, second only to “A.I. Dean Kopp.” The Stony Brook Press got the chance to speak with the original author of the YouTube video. For privacy’s sake,…