Stony Brook University


Perhaps one of Stony Brook’s most highly anticipated events of the spring semester, Brookfest finally made its return. Rapper Young M.A and R&B artist Capella Grey performed to a sold-out crowd before headliner Gunna took the stage for the first Brookfest in two years.

I have always had a hard time operating human buildings, and Harriman Hall is no exception to this, no sir. Obviously, I have no fingers, but I was hoping the doors would be a bit lighter than they actually were. Unfortunately, I couldn’t nudge my way through. So what was a deer to do? I looked around the building and luckily enough, my class was on the first floor, just a hop and a skip away.

This isn’t some niche of Republicans with Nazi-sympathetic ideologies. Turning Point has national traction in conservative and libertarian politics as well as an alliance with Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. On Jan. 6, 2021, Turning Point Action, a TPUSA affiliate, deployed seven buses with about 350 people total to the Capitol rally. Stony Brook permitting members of the Capitol rally to organize on campus is like having a Stony Brook Proud Boys club.