The dark room bathed in pools of blue, green and red lights adds an ambience that can be instantly related to an indie music venue; posters of past performances line one side of the mirrored walls, with an unclaimed section reflecting a marble topped bar; the random selection of couches and small square tables are placed haphazardly, facing a dimly lit black stage. Over 10 years of live music, beer and dancing is coming to an end this year as the University Cafe is set to shut down, along with the entire Stony Brook Union. “I love being in the Union in general and this space has a lot of memories,” Shari Cummings, secretary and public relations directors for WUSB said. Cummings also works as an audio engineer for the Graduate Student Organization (GSO), which runs the UCafe. One of Cummings’ favorite events is jazz night, where students…