In the fall of 2013, Erynn Mcleod spent her first semester at Stony Brook University behind a desk, memorizing facts about phytoplankton and marine mammals. Since then, the current music director of The Pipettes, Stony Brook’s all-female a cappella group, has realized that performing is her calling and that the stage is her home. Her father, Raymond Mcleod, has been a Broadway talent for many years, starring Evita and a stage production of Jekyll and Hyde to name a few. For the Mcleods, music is and always has been, a major part of family life. “[She’s been] musically inclined since birth.” he says. “The first music she sang wasn’t Barney but show tunes.” Erynn Mcleod’s up-beat attitude is no surprise. The high-maintenance theatrical world is hardly difficult for someone born into it. “She was literally born in the trunk,” Raymond Mcleod, said.  The family had been touring Houston, Texas for…