Dear non-Asians of America, So kale. It’s kind of…bitter and unappealing, right? But it’s healthy? And it has a cute name? Kale. Like, I dunno. Gayle, like Jerry’s wife from Parks and Rec. Kale is leafy and green—and let’s face it, green things like smoothies are SO in right now…for hipsters. I mean, it lowers your cholesterol, detoxes your body and lowers the risk of cancer. And you’re going to need to fight a lot of cancer risks after hearing that thing about processed meat. I’m not going to stop eating Korean barbecue, though. Oops, don’t turn that into another trend, please. Should I not mention that the meat is freshly grilled and eaten wrapped in lettuce leaves? (But for the record, your Naked Green Machine juice has, like, 23 grams of sugar. That’s fucking terrifying.) Well, look no further! We found a better tasting solution that, according to Grub…