It’s 9 a.m., and your first class starts at 10. Your phone alarm goes off, rousing you from your much-needed sleep. You roll over in bed and unplug your phone from its plastic phone charger. Still yawning, you get up, put on your plastic flip-flops (those shared bathrooms are grimy) and grab your plastic shower caddy filled with shampoo, conditioner and soap, all held in plastic containers. You look around for your plastic toothbrush, plastic contact case with your plastic contacts inside, plastic hairbrush, plastic hair dryer, plastic razor, plastic ID card, plastic, plastic, plastic. It’s unavoidable. According to Stony Brook University’s sustainability website, each student produces approximately 640 pounds of solid waste per year. “In a lifetime, the average American will throw away 600 times their adult weight in garbage,” said Kupenda Palmer, a sustainability officer at Stony Brook University. While environmentalists certainly encourage recycling, plastics cannot be infinitely…