Resident Evil


“Resident Evil 7” is filled to the brim with character. Character that has been missing from “Resident Evil” since Capcom tried moving the series to a more action-orientated experience as opposed to one that’s seeded in the series’s survival horror roots. It’s a “Resident Evil” game for fans and also for those looking to try the series out for the first time. Walking through the claustrophobic hallways of the Baker plantation, the setting brought back the same string of emotions I felt when I first walked through the iconic Spencer Mansion from the original title. “Resident Evil 7” begins with a new protagonist, Ethan Winters. Ethan receives an email from his missing wife Mia, who warns him not to come looking for her after she had been missing for three years. Of course Ethan disregards this warning and makes his way to the Baker family plantation. The game starts…