After five years without a pool, Stony Brook’s Administration has decided to close its barely-opened pool, opting instead to build the largest on-campus Starbucks in the nation.. The University closed down the pool for renovations in 2012 and for years the pool room of the athletic center went unused and abandoned. The University finally reopened the pool at the end of the 2017 spring semester, but since then there have been some major changes. The University expected a huge rush of students to the opening of the much awaited pool. However, after so many years of being poolless, the University had inadvertently attracted a non aquatic student body. In short, Stony Brook students aren’t interested in swimming. Only six students showed up to the pool’s grand opening. Since then, pool attendance has been dwindling greatly.. There is however something else that students want more than aquatic athletic spaces. Coffee.. Stony…