2016 has been a monumental year for fans of Pokémon. It honestly feels like no other franchise has celebrated a yearly anniversary likePokémon did. Under the 20th anniversary there were new additions and remade classics to the trading card game, a notably good season of the XYZ anime, a Super Bowl commercial, multiple events such as the Twitch Watches Pokémon marathon and other developments that revolved around celebrating the long-lasting phenomenon. Of course, there were also new games such as Pokken Tournament, the Pokémon-based fighting game, that was released outside of Japan earlier this year. Pokémon GO also  became an instant success. Although it is  not perfect, it is enjoyable and admirable for what it has accomplished. Even the original versions of Pokémon Red and Blue were re-released digitally, which is a rare occurrence when it comes to The Pokémon Company. They remake old games but they have rarely re-released…