In the centuries preceding the advent of what is now considered “modern science,” the study of nature and the physical universe was known as “natural philosophy.” The name itself implies an intimate connection between the sciences and philosophy. It begs the question: At what point did the two disciplines diverge?

September 14, 2018 marked the three year anniversary of one of science’s most monumental achievements to date: the detection of gravitational waves. It’s an achievement that Albert Einstein  believed mankind would never accomplish and it marks the beginning of a new era in astrophysics and maybe even humanity itself.

Neil DeGrasse-Tyson is surprisingly animated in person. The astrophysicist and preeminent science communicator (and part-time dancer), in his signature blazer and jeans, displayed his flexibility both physically and in his diverse interests as he reminded attendees that “The Sky is Not the Limit,” at Monday’s Graduate Student Association-hosted guest lecture of the same title at the Island Federal Credit Union Arena. The house was packed-out for the famous physicist and according to Max Katz, the Vice President of Stony Brook’s GSO and one of the main coordinators of the event, around 2,200 tickets were sold. While Tyson is known most for his work popularizing science on television — and Twitter — he took last night as an opportunity to share anecdotes which highlighted experiences that shaped his career and his love of the physics of space. Tyson said that he appreciated the leeway to “just tell stories” about his life.…

By the ending of his lecture at the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Stephen Hawking reassured fans all over the world that there exists an alternate universe where Zayn Malik is still a member of One Direction. Hawking is a firm believer in the theory of multiple universes, and he believes that theoretical physicist will one day be able to provide proof of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, Hawking is unaware that there exists only one universe where One Direction still has all of its members, and that universe is not a pretty sight. Imagine if the Mad Max world had a baby with the Samurai Jack dystopian future, and that baby had a child with Deathly Hallows Pt. 2. That’s how bad it was,” said a Stony Brook University physicist who wished to remain anonymous because he has yet to patent his multi-verse teleporter, which allows him to travel from universe…