Finding Dory sees everyone’s favorite fish back in the long awaited sequel to one of Disney Pixar’s greatest search and rescue stories, Finding Nemo. It’s time for another journey to find lost loved ones, and this time it’s on Dory’s (Ellen DeGeneres) side of the reef. Accompanied by her old partner in travel Marlin (Albert Brooks) and his titular son from the first installment, Nemo, Dory sets off to find her parents, whom she remembers briefly for the first time. Worried she may forget them as quickly as they popped into her head, Dory and her two clown fish sidekicks are off on another adventure faster than a 150-year-old sea turtle. Finding Dory does an excellent job of bringing the classic film to a new generation. First-film favorites Mr. Ray and the dentist’s tank crew make appearances, but aren’t the center of attention. That spot is reserved for the blue…