Jeannine English, president of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), was invited to Stony Brook University for a talk entitled, “Forget the Stereotypes: It’s a New World of Aging,” on September 30 at the Charles B. Wang Center. The talk centered around the changing demographics of the 38 million members of her organization and millennials who are indirectly affected by the organization’s lobbying and policies. While Stony Brook University is home to students who are below the required age of 50 to join the organization, English said that the policies and changes the organization makes for students’ parents will  directly affect students in the coming years. Social security, Medicare and retirement savings initiative programs aim to help parents of millennials. This way, the millennials can focus on their own families without worrying about their parents’ health and economic statuses, English said. In an interview before the event, English described…