Clouds made up of a pungent aroma tickle the girl’s nose as they float through the air. She plops down next to me and looks around the empty room, a juxtaposition to the housewarming party outside to kick off the school semester. The clouds drift through chatter and a faint melody, the lyrics difficult to comprehend over the thumping bass emanating from the floor. Lovers, friends, and strangers burrow in the corner as if it were only them on this Friday night. “Shoutout to Paul,” one of the girls sitting on the ground declares. Her sweetheart goes to work on the newly acquired cluster of green. Exchanges of commodities move like conversation. Paul, both cold and elusive, can give you what you need for a little change. The wall facing the only source of light, which protrudes over a wall of insulation, projects images created by shadows of partygoers. The…