David Deng carefully brushes his fifth layer of hard ground, a waxy material that allows drawings to be etched, onto a rectangular copper sheet. Next to him is an unplugged pair of earbuds and a milk chocolate almond Hershey’s bar. While other students in the class are making simpler etchings for linoleum prints, Deng seems to have the most thought-provoking one. It depicts a man with a mask laughing while attempting to hold multiple masks in one arm. On the table he has the initial sketch, a mock-up print and the image he was inspired by.: an humorous internet meme where a man is laughing as he struggles to hold onto a pile of limes in his hand. However, Deng gives this image his own twist. “Each mask is a personality and when you are in different social situations you need to put on a different facade,” he said. Deng…