September 25 is now an official holiday at Stony Brook University. It marks the day when one of our students embarked on their journey to national meme fame, from a humble dorm room in Tabler Quad.   The journey, involving Wonderwall, a red dildo, and an iPhone video has blessed us all and we are most thankful for its existence.  On September 25, 2016, Romeo Barrientos posted a video of a student, who will go by the name of D-Boy, covering Oasis’ most notable single, “Wonderwall.”  D-Boy has a nice voice, but the most pertinent aspect of the video was not his vocal ability.  In this video, a bright red dildo became an integral element in D-Boy’s rise to fame. D-Boy and his fellow suite-mates bought the object on Amazon after a room inspection prompted the idea.  The original plan was to lay it around their room in order to…