iron chic


Last night, Sheer Mag played Revolution in Amityville and brought their new twist on classic rock to Long Island. No band has been able to replicate the distinct 1970’s sound that bands like Led Zeppelin pioneered in a way that can earn them proper critical respect and praise. But Sheer Mag may change that. They blasted through bangers from their first three EPs, as well as some new songs. Each one sounded like a powerpop and punk fusion version of Led Zeppelin or the Jackson 5, but to compare Sheer Mag to any other previous band would be an injustice to their distinct and innovative sound. Iron Chic, the local “best band of all time” (author’s opinion) opened the show. Though the crowd wasn’t as big or as loud as it should have been, and the stage wasn’t anything fancy, both bands carried the show with their impressive technical, skill…