Packed away haphazardly under the J/M/Z in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn sits a small alleyway — locally referred to as “Punk Alley.” In it resides a used book store, a used record shop, a cassette-based experimental noise record label and, of course, KPISS: the resident pirate radio station.

United, Students’, Pool and an independent joined the Undergraduate Student Government election debate for determining who will run the USG next year. The debate took place in GLS/HDV Center Multiple Room on April 4. The first issue discussed was over transparency in the USG in the wake of the failure to uphold a fully vetted Elections Board Committee for the past 3 years. Presidential candidate Hassan Sheikh, of the Students Party said that “there needs to be some form of liability in the USG.” He indicated that advocates for quality report system could make USG transparent. “The fundamental parts of transparency are accessibility and communication,” said USG President Cole Lee of the United Party, who is running for re-election. “We are dedicated and concentrated on solving the issues by communicating with students.” Elizabeth Osei, presidential candidate for the Pool Party, interpreted that doubt in transparency would fall if the USG…