Artwork by Tess Bergman To the two pre-med students on the bus: I’m sorry you had no form of entertainment today — no interesting patient story to share with your pre-med friends. I’m sorry that no one was crazy enough for you and that you didn’t get to look on in amusement  while someone struggled to stutter a sentence, while someone paces and mumbles incoherently, while someone speaks in no order and makes no sense, while someone picks their nail beds until they bleed, or their hair, or eyebrows, or digs at their flesh. I’m so sorry that you had no patients with blood soaked in their clothes, and that there were no suicide attempts or self-harm injuries, no mania-induced decisions that led to the E.R. That you had no schizophrenic episodes or autistic meltdowns triggered by sensory overload. I’m so sorry that us “crazy” ones didn’t relapse today and that…