For Honor


I’ve devoted over 60 hours to eviscerating my enemies, shoving people off cliffs and executing those I’ve bested. I have felt the swell of triumph that comes with defeating a good opponent and the aggravation from being slaughtered by three or four other warriors. What’s important are the emotions, the drive and the medieval combat that has never before been realized in the way that it has been in “For Honor.” The game takes these beautiful battles and spans them throughout five multiplayer modes and a short-but-sweet story mode. Across all modes players are given a distinct choice of who to play as: Knights, Vikings or Samurai. I don’t know about you, but many hours of my childhood were spent pondering on who would win in this showdown and “For Honor” finally gives me the chance to realize this competition in an advanced, beautifully-backdropped and skill-intensive way. When…