George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road is a film, set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland that shows a systematically oppressed group of “Wives” escaping a capitalist cyborg king as he tries to birth the perfect son. The movie opens with the aforementioned king, Immortan Joe, sending his “Imperator” Furiosa, on a mission to “bring back ‘guzzaline’ from Gastown And bullets from the Bullet Farm” (Miller 0:08:00). The audience quickly learns that Furiosa – the short-haired, one-metal-arm warrior woman – is smuggling Joe’s birthing wives to safety. Joe covets these women because his ultimate goal is to produce a son free of mutations, disabilities, or degenerative diseases to carry on his reign since all of his previous attempts have resulted in children who cannot operate without prosthetics. Similarly, this objectification of the Wives institutionalizes their bodies as weak, pure reproductive wombs. Reliance on a prosthetic, liquid (blood, water, milk) or mechanical, is…