As the second 2017 summer session came to a close, resident assistants did their rounds one last time among the 25 students living in Greeley College. The occupancy of one of the single-person rooms, to the RAs’ surprise, included a baby Asian elephant. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” James Jameson, a Greeley RA, said. “That kid actually managed to domesticate an elephant in his 1-by-3-foot closet.” All the talks around the RA office since then, Jameson said, have been speculations of how 19-year-old Jimmy John Jenkins actually succeeded acquiring and maintaining the animal. The students living in rooms near Jenkins’, however, wondered how the RAs passed over their rooms so obliviously during room inspections. “The RA knocked on the door while I was making a house out of my empty beer cans, and I’m pretty sure I had just ripped the bong a minute earlier in my boy’s room,”…