One man’s story begins in Jalandhar, India with a 15-year-old boy riding a red bike. A traffic circle midway between Guru Amar Dass Public School and his home. A car accident. The second man’s story starts in New Orleans with a superhero. A woman called “Lovie” and a cat named Homie. A desire to save lives. The little boy on the bike grows up to become Dharampreet (Dharam) Singh, M.D and the New Orleans kid is now Timur Alptunaer, M.D. and R.N. But their paths toward becoming doctors are more complicated. The two men encounter death first hand and grasp what it means to be mortal. And along the way, they discover the meaning of compassion. The Accident It was a hot, July afternoon in 2004. Summer break had just ended, and it was either day one or two since schools across Jalandhar had fallen back into rhythm. Pedaling…