On a March Saturday of raw winds and below-freezing temperatures, Dennis Dapuzzo  loads cases of low-fat yogurt, whole-grain Honey Scooters cereal and juice boxes that are high in calcium and vitamin C into his recycled hotdog truck. The cold makes its way inside the truck, which helps keep the juice boxes cool but forces Dapuzzo to keep his jacket on as he drives toward a food pantry in Brentwood.  He knows that as bad as the weather can be, Long Islanders are still depending on him to deliver food.   Dapuzzo arrives near the intersection of Caleb’s and Joshua’s Path at a small food pantry a little before 9:30 a.m. People immediately recognize the yellow truck with a crocodile caricature on it, and they line up with their heavy winter jackets to get breakfast for the weekend.   “You know that the people who come out on cold mornings like…