Day Of the Dead


Josafat Moreno likes to go by Josco, pronounced hose-co. He has the slender build of a 17-year-old but he’s actually 46. Josco’s mustache sprawls across his upper-lip. It matches a small patch of hair under his lower lip and his neat chin-beard. His black hair appears to have a mind of its own. Sometimes he tames it with a rubber band, which reveals a buzzcut on the sides. Otherwise, the long locks across the top of his head dance around freely. Based on his physical appearance, some may call Josco a “hipster” who lives in a newly gentrified part of Brooklyn. Others may assume that he’s just another European footballer with a trendy haircut. He thinks of himself as an artist. But out of the many things that Josco can be labelled, most people won’t guess that he came into America as an illegal immigrant. Josco doesn’t really flinch or…