Undocumented children in America who aspire of one day attending college may never see their dreams become a reality. President-elect Donald Trump has signaled in one of his debate speeches, that once he takes office, he may rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program that makes thousands of illegal immigrants eligible for affordable college education.  Trump’s potential decision embodies a sentiment that has gripped America since its inception: anti-immigration.   DACA, an executive policy passed by President Obama in 2012, grants Social Security numbers (SSN) to undocumented children , allowing them access to financial aid and work permits. There are over 3,500 undocumented immigrants in New York who are recent high school graduates. But only five to 10 percent of these students have been granted a SSN and can now afford to attend college, according to the American Immigration Council website. The federal government has issued 844,931 DACA…