Break Up


LCD Soundsystem, witty dance-punk pioneers, announced plans today for their second breakup in six years, according to sources close to frontman  James Murphy. The multi-night event will take place over 31 nights this coming December and will be chronicled in an upcoming documentary The Long as Fuck Goodbye. The news comes in the form of another long Facebook post to fans, but it might have raised more questions and enraged more fans than intended. An excerpt reads: “first things first, let’s end this thing with some clarity. For just one more night until the next time, we (james (me) and others (maybe)) will be playing with friends and family for nearly 3 hours or however long I rent the venue for– playing stuff we’ve never played before or just winging it. We’re doing this. This is it. This is happening (again).” The remainder of the 28 page post (we printed it…